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Is there a selection procedures or rules for housemates?

Our guest house does not have any strict rules or curfew times. We want everyone to live a happy life with safety, freedom, comfort, and peace. Our goal is simple: Each housemate having 'a will to socialize' with other housemates and enjoying a guesthouse life. This is not just a monthly one room apartment, but also a place to talk and interact with other housemates in a communal living space. We have house parties, gatherings, and other events throughout the year. There is a common garden area and an orange tree which produces lots of fruit every year.

Does it cost extra for a friend to stay with me?

Yes; there is an extra cost. See the price page for details.

What is the shortest period I can stay?

Generally, the shortest period you can stay is one month. However, for a shorter stays, there is a guest room at your disposal.

What documents do I need?

Please bring your passport or other photo ID to prove you are really you You needn't worry if you only have a 90 day visa.

What if I don't speak Japanese very well?

That's no problem. Housemates are friendly and welcoming; a few speak fluent or native English, and most speak a little.

Can I smoke tobacco?

You cannot smoke inside the house, including in your private room. You may however smoke in the covered garden area, where there are chairs and tables are you are surrounded by grass and trees

How much are utilities (water, gas, electricity)?

You do not need to pay for water, gas, electricity used in common areas. However, you do need to pay for electricity used in your own room. Between 1000 and 4000 yen a month is about the average.

Should I order a futon set before I arrive?

Non Japanese room types have a bed; Japanese style rooms have tatami flooring. Every room comes with washed sheets and a futon set; however you may bring your own.

Do you have an internet connection?

You can connect to the internet with cable or wireless in your room, or with wireless in the common room. There is also a common computer in the lounge you can use free of charge

How long does it take and how much does it cost from Yokodai to Shonan Fujisawa campus?

It takes 55 minutes from Well Yokodai to Shonan Fujisawa campus. (40 mins by train plus 15 mins by bus) The cost is 620yen (410 yen by train plus 210 yen by bus.)

Which common facilities in the house may I use?

Housemates are free to use any of the common facilities: shower and bath rooms, laundry, toilets, kitchen, pantry and garden. In the kitchen, there are utensils, ovens, stoves, grills, cooking equipment, all at your disposal. We have a gift economy system. Housemates may leave food or other goods in communal areas, which other housemates are free to take - there is usually leftover food on the kitchen table. There is also a common store in the pantry containing goods donated by housemates, including teas, flour and baking goods. Come have a look if you are curious!

What is around the house? Parks, supermarkets, convenience stores, bath houses, etc.?

We have two "100 yen stores" and four supermarkets near Yokodai Station. There are also big parks in the area. In addition, there are a super sento and a traditional sento around but not near Yokodai (sometimes we go together in a housemate's car ). Finally, two convenience stores are within a five minute walk.


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