Gardening, handiwork, tea-time...
An international urban village for families & travelers.


Well Yokodai is a special place.

Laid-back and relaxed yet hip and modern and at the same time, retro and traditional. A lot of sharing happens at Well; food and friendship pass freely over the big table, impromptu hang-outs and deep conversations spring up regularly, and helping hands are always at the ready. People are friendly and helpful, and the comfortable environment allows everyone to have their own style and way of doing things.


A story developed over time.

The pleasant living environment at Well Yokodai has nurtured the lives of many wonderful people who have lived here over the years. The share house was opened in 2006 by the landowner, Mr. Masuo, who had been farming for generations. A couple who met here as housemates in the early days and then married have now taken over as landlords. The way of life we have nurtured has been featuredoften in the media, and also on our housemates' blogs.


Daily life in harmony with grace and beauty.

On weekends, we enjoy gardening in the morning, and at lunchtime, there might be a pizza that someone baked fresh from the oven. We are blessed with a large garden and kitchen, and hand tools for sewing, baking, and crafts––which we all share. We live in harmony with nature and the changing seasons, and this enriches our lives.


A living room facing a sunny garden.
Furnishings with the flavor of an old Scandinavian home.

The old house perched on a hilltop in Isogo, Yokohama, in a verdant garden under a soaring sky, has been carefully cared for. The landlord has a fondness for antiques, and the house is filled with treasures found at antique shops over the years. Some housemateslove to arrange seasonal flowers and place them throughout the house. You might say that the interior is a kind of collaborative editingproject––not unlike Wikipedia––and is filled with the feeling of “us.” Won’t you join us in creating a peaceful life together?


When you come to Japan, I recommend living in here.


Darshana Shilwant

This has been my home for about a year now, and most kind, warm, lovely people, and a million memories for me. If you are coming to Japan for a month or longer, I would like to recommend staying at a share house because it is fun, convenient, cheap, and easy to make friends.


On a quiet little hill
near the station.

Well Yokodai is about a 3-minute walk from Yokodai Station, on the Keihin-Tohoku Line. It is conveniently located, only 20 minutes away from both Yokohama Station and Kamakura.

It is located on top of a quiet little hill filled with the chirping of birds and breezes passing through. The spacious garden feels close to the sky, and a vast, green forest extends to Kamakura.


Well Yokodai is a long-established share house that has become an integral part of the community. Housemates have connections withpeople who own local stores, there are neighbors who share the same hobbies, and many former housemates now live nearby with their new families. The surrounding community gives a sense of peace and security. Yokodai may seem like an ordinary town, but for us, it's a special place. Many classes are held at Well or nearby, like aromatherapy, herbs, fermentation, yoga, baking––just to name a few.

Saturday Morning Yoga in the Park
Saturday Morning Yoga in the Park

Morning yoga classes are held twice a month on Saturday mornings in the park in front of Yoko-dai Station.

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Small Market Association
Small Market Association

A handicraft market started with Transition Town friends in front of the Kuriki Shrine. It is held irregularly. We have been able to connect with many wonderful people in the town through the market.

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Aroma and Herb Classes
Aroma and Herb Classes

This is held irregularly at Well Yoko-dai. Sometimes interesting people from outside or other housemates serve as lecturers.

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Pastry and Bread Classes
Pastry and Bread Classes

We hold irregular classes for children and adults to enjoy sweets and breads. We don't invite a large number of people, but we often hold at-home classes with housemates and friends.

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Community Cafe
Community Cafe

Ishidaen, a tea shop in front of the station. It has always nurtured a connection with the people of the town. Parents and children have become nomadic residents of Well Yokodai. We also live connected to other community cafes in town.

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Former housemates
Former housemates

In the neighborhood, there are many families of former housemates who had their babies in the house, and we enjoy gathering with them during events.

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You will naturally fall in love with the town.


Travelers are welcome.
Feel free to join us.

What starts as a short stay might just result in living here long term. We love ordinary people and travelers who find our house by chance, and the joy of encounter is the spark of life. Regardless of the length of your stay, we are looking for people who want to enjoy a happy and peaceful life with us.

What we value is the richness of living together, sometimes talking with each other, sometimes cooking and working with our hands. With the world view of permaculture, we want to build a climate and culture that is natural and easy for people to live in.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Well Yokodai

residents' volunteer

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